KaraSeed is a company based in Japan, mainly focusing on Merchandising.
Our passion is to give customers a seed for their better lives through products.

We believe true products and services are not just things but they are more than that; something that bring a piece of joy, happiness, new experiences and sometimes even good quality of lives with others.
And that’s what we do for.

KaraSeed is the name that combines “Karashi” and “Musterd Seed”.
“Karashi” is a Japanese word for “Musterd Seed”

But why “KaraSeed”?

The black mustard seed is a small seed that is as small as 0.5 mm.
But in fertile soil, it turns into like a tree after a few months, the height will be about 4.5 m, and the center stem will be about the thickness of a human arm.

It is very impressing that even such a small seed has a great power that creates the next life.

Every business starts with a seed that is so small that you can hardly see.

KaraSeed is a small company, but we have a desire to become a mustard seed that will bear next seeds to bring positive influence on society.

Company Name
KaraSeed Ltd.

Isaku Horii

1,500,000 JPY


4-2-8, Shiraitodai, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
183-0011, JAPAN